SaaS and IP Access Control

Banking, email, asset management, customer relationship management (CRM), and now IP access control,  have all been adapting to a new model of software deployment called Software as a Service (referred to as ‘SaaS’).  This is where an application is hosted as a service, and is provided to customers across the internet.  By eliminating the need to install and run the application on your own computer, SaaS alleviates the burden of software and server maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.

With web based IP access control, property managers and business owners can make their life easier while saving money on equipment, maintenance, and operation expenses.  Listed below are a few things that Web Based (SaaS) IP access control will do for you.

User Management and Administration: You will get the ability to control access to your buildings using any computer from anywhere in the world.

System Backup and Availability: You will get the ability to have your data backed up for 365 days.

Alerts and Notifications: You will get the ability to setup interactive alerts and notifications of events around your building.

System Maintenance and Updates: Every time you login to the system, you will be working on the most current platform.  System maintenance and updates are performed regularly with zero downtime to the user.

Lower Ownership Cost: With no up-front computer hardware purchases, and lower operating costs than software based systems, web based IP access control has proven to lower the Total Cost of Ownership.

Evaluating different security systems for your building can get quite confusing.  Most products on the market today are traditional software based solutions, but the trend towards IP based systems is evolving and is becoming the new standard.

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About Carlo Di Leo

Carlo Di Leo is the President of Double Vision. Carlo has a background in Computer Engineering and has been running Double Vision for over 8 years.

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